May 15, 2015

Epsiode 1 Premiers on Encantada TV -Albuquerque Comcast Channel 26 Saturday May 21, 2011 at 10:30 PM MST!

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Mike TrujilloInterviews, GWAR, Disturbed, Dream Theater and others…

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Blinddryve – Exclusive Acoustic Set

Swami Rob’s uncut interview with Blinddryve

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Performing Live:

Chris Kill is a natural musician with an un-natural style. Though born a lefty, he naturally gravitated towards playing the guitar as a right-hander. Admittedly, this could be considered a difficult approach, but it never slowed Kill down. In fact, it’s actually been a major contributing factor in the formation of his unique style and specialized technique.

His unique sound and honest delivery are breathing life back into the lungs of a stale industry on the verge of collapse. Kill is both a welcome reminder of the finest unfiltered music from an era bygone, as well as, a glimpse into a future realm of infinite sonic liberty. Chris has also composed two independent film scores: Color of Dreams and Nympholepsy and has collaborated with many notable musicians.

He’s a courageous trailblazer whose constant repudiating routine limits and challenging all genre inherent boundaries with his wild innovations. So, – if you find yourself understandably lost and aimlessly drifting through a sad sea of musical mediocrity… find Chris Kill.




Michael Ostrander

Featured Interview:

Michael Ostrander: Michael is an Instrumental Guitarist with 30 years of Shred/Metal/Industrial and Rock Band, Studio, Touring and Live Performance experience, recently signed to MYSTERIA Records.

Michael’s music has a very unique sound, having the appeal of Shred but avoiding the clichés of the style and forging his own voice on the instrument and within the genre of Instrumental music. Michaels guitar style is unmistakable and unconventional, yet melodic and fast enough to appease fans of Shred without being strictly Neoclassical.

mlo cd release 348




Thorn of Gethsemane

Performing Live:

Thorn of Gethemane:Their music is grabbing the enthusiastic attention of audiences wherever they play with fans following them across state lines just for the chance to catch them live at another show. Currently playing venues in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah the band is set to play outside of their core region with upcoming shows being scheduled nationally.

All four members of Thorn of Gethsemane work together in collaboration to create their own exciting and unique brand of nu metal music or as the locals here have dubbed it devil metal. They have a rapidly growing fan base that expands with every show. Based in Durango, Colorado so they can quickly reach markets in several regional states, this is a band that really wants to play on any stage and in any state or country

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